Terms And Conditions

products shall be free from defects in workmanship. Installation services
shall be performed in a workman like manner consistent with industry the
terms outlined here. Please note that we do not warranty against any
concrete cracks, since they are pre-exisitng and are likely to resurface due to
natural expansion and contraction of concrete. We ask that you inspect the
work thoroughly before the installers leave. Fifty percent of the Total is due
upon signing. Remainder is due the day the work is completed. The
warranty begins after the final payment is made and not before. No warranty
work will be performed until the fianl balance is paid to Sunwest. There is a
3% administrative fee on all credit card transactions. Late Payments:  A
service charge may be added to accounts 30 days past due at a rate of 1 1/2
% per month (18% annum). In the eventof default, buyer shall pay
reasonable attorney fees and costs. Suit may be brought in Maricopa
County, AZ and in the city in which the property is located in case of unpaid
invoice at seller’s option. Warranty is void until payment is made in full. If
payment is not made, Sunwest has the right to file a “mechanic’s lien” on the
property. Sunwest also reserves the right to send the account to collections.
Sunwest also reserves the right to reposess any unpaid products. Section
32-1154   Owner has the right to file a written complaint with the registrar for
an alleged violation of section 32-1154, subsection A within the applicable
time period.  azroc.gov  1-877-692-9762. Warranty does not apply to Cool
Deck that is installed over “sandy” concrete surfaces. Existing concrete
deficiencies due to original concrete pour mistakes are not the responsibility
of Sunwest and many times are not evident upon initial inspection, therefore,
Sunwest cannot guarantee the structural integrity of concrete installed by
others.  Warranty does not cover misuse, negligence, abuse, or improper
use of decking. Warranty does not cover any weather related damages such
as hail, haboobs,rain, or losses due to weather. Warranty covers
workmanship and materials only. Sunwest does not provide pool water
cleaning services. Sunwest does not apply pool chemicals. Keep a broom
handy and sweep excess water after rain or after using the pool to avoid
standing water. Standing water that evaporates on the acrylic will leave an
unsightly residue. Prolonged standing water will damage the acrylic. Use
the touch up paint to paint over any scuff marks or scratches. Do not
pressure wash your new acrylic. Do not wash with hard chemicals. Sealer is
inherently slippery. Sunwest is not responsible for injuries due to slippery
surfaces. Power and water needs to be made available to the installation
crew. When grinding is necessary be aware that there is a high potential for
substantial “grinding dust” to be present in the work area. Keep furniture and
pets off the new acrylic for at least 7 days during the drying time.
Homeowner is responsible for backwashing the pool filter. Crews are
unable to remove suspended dust in the pool water. The best way to clean
pool water is to use the pool equipment and it is the responsiblity of the
homeowner to complete the final pool water cleanup by running the pool
pump and filter. No black soled shoes on the deck for three days after the
installation due to scuffing. “Dawn” dishwashing soap is a fine cleaner for
any marks on new acrylic. Do not use hard chemicals to clean the acrylic.