Tidal Wave’s TidalWave Plus is now live for $99

Now that Tidal’s WavePlus is available for $79, you may be wondering where the rest of the line goes from here.Well, the company is keeping the rest to a minimum.While WavePlus and Wave are both on sale, you won’t see any of the Tidal Plus plans.In fact, you’ll be able to get the WavePlus Plus […]

A new family of waterfalls in Scotland is a huge improvement over the original designs, says the Royal Botanic Gardens

Scotland’s Royal Botanical Gardens are making great progress in the battle against algae.The Scottish Waterfall Trust (SVB) has made three new waterfalls, in Dunbark, Glasgow, and Inverurie, which are also very popular.It has also created the world’s largest waterfalls.SVB has been using a new technology to monitor water levels and have been able to measure […]

The best way to get your pool cleaned up

You can now get the best of both worlds by using a self-cleaning spray to clean up your swimming pool.Wayfair, a company that offers water cleaning services, announced today that it is rolling out the new Self-clearing Spray for the 2018-2019 season.The spray can be purchased through the company’s website, and you’ll need a pump, […]