Why swimming pools should be replaced with ‘little swimming pools’

As swimming pools become increasingly rare, they’ve become a hot topic in some circles, with a number of commentators questioning whether they’re worth keeping.In this article, we’ll explore some of the major arguments for replacing swimming pools with little swimming pool cleaners.Read More , and offer a few suggestions for improving your swimming pool cleaning […]

How to get your swimming pool covered with water: Walmart

If you don’t have any money to splash out on the pool you might consider just getting a folded pool.Walmart, the largest retailer in the US, is taking a gamble on the folding pool trend by offering its customers a new folding pool cover.The new pool cover is a foldable version of the existing one […]

Swimming pool 14X48 training at Walmart

Swimming pools are a great place to start a career as a fitness trainer.They’re perfect for people with limited finances and can easily be scaled up to accommodate an athlete’s training needs.But how do you find a pool for your next fitness project?We’ve rounded up some of our favorite pools, including a selection of swimming […]