A swimming pool drawing to be held in the middle of an Austin, Texas traffic jam

A swimming pond drawing to celebrate the life of a Texas man who died of a heart attack at a swimming pool in the city will be held on July 1, police said.¬†Austin police say they have secured the venue, located at the corner of North Shepherd and North Shepherd Drive, where the drawing is […]

How to renovate your swimming pool after a cloudy pool

When it comes to cleaning out your swimming pools and keeping them safe from the elements, there’s a good chance your pool will look a little different when you’re not around.But if you’re a man and you want to be sure that you don’t leave a toxic cloud of dust and debris, there are some […]

‘I’m so angry’: What to know about water-cooler wars with swimming pools

The US Coast Guard is urging people not to drink their own tap water at swimming pools.It also urged parents to keep their kids at home when swimming.The agency also warned that the public was at risk when they did drink their tap water.A report from the U.S. Coast Guard says in the past year […]