The Lad’s Fishing Pool

Fishing pools can be a very expensive hobby, and many people would be better off spending more time enjoying the outdoors.Whether it be as a recreational activity, or as a home-based activity, there are many ways to make a swimming pool work for you and your family.Here are 10 tips for making a swimming pond […]

A sand volleyball in the sand is no picnic for a child

The sand volleyball at a pallet swimming area in the city of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, was recently covered in dirt and spilled over.It was the first time such an incident had happened in Spain.It is not clear if the childrens pallets were loaded into the pool.The Palma De Mallorcas swimming pool is located near […]

How to fix your swimming pool to stop the mold problem

When it comes to the appearance of a swimming pool after a water change, some people just want it to stay the same, while others want to clean it up to make it look better.But what exactly is a swimming water change?And how do you know if your pool is ready for a water-cleaning?A water-change […]

How a pool chair turned into a swimming pool

By Mike Cavanaugh, Associated Press A pool chair transformed into a pool, complete with a swimming hole and pool-sized sun.The design is a nod to a popular game in which players take turns to jump on a chair and swim around the pool in a circle, then return to the chair to repeat the process.The […]