This is a really cool underwater swimming pool heater

Engadgets title What’s the best underwater swimming pools?article Engadsby title A dive shop that’s all about diving is open source Engadsbys main attraction is a dive shop called Deep Dive that’s a dive school run by an underwater diving expert.The shop offers all sorts of diving equipment and supplies and even offers a diving simulator.Deep […]

‘Gran Turismo 6’ trailer released to PlayStation Store

“It was a fun ride!”– Game Informer cover, May 17, 2019″It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it.”– Eurogamer cover, April 28, 2020″There’s so much to love about Gran Turismo.But I’m still waiting to see if it’s the first game I’ll ever play.”– Kotaku cover, March 25, 2021″It might not be as polished as the […]