‘Saw it coming’: Watch out for swimming pool filter in New York City

A new video showing how a pool filter can help prevent the spread of the flu in the US has prompted a swift backlash on social media.Read more:Swimming pools in the city of New York have become increasingly popular for recreational and medical purposes, with pools being flooded with water and swimmers having to remove […]

‘Swimming Pool Fuck’: Watch: Royal Caribbean’s Queen Mimi and Prince Andrew perform a hot, sensual scene in the ‘Queen Mimi’s Secret Swimming Pool’ video

Watch: The Royal Caribbean Princesses perform a sexy scene in a newly released video from their new Netflix series, Queen Mami’s Secret Swim Swimming Pools.Watch Now: The Princesses, who were joined by their Royal Caribbean crew, are joined by a group of Royal Caribbean staff members and a sexy pool party guest.As the crew members […]

Which sport is the safest to play in?

If you’re a swimmers or boaters, you know swimming is probably your safest sport to play.And that’s because swimming can be dangerous, particularly for the more experienced swimmers.But you can also take precautions if you’re just getting started.Here are some safety tips to help you play safe.1.Get a helmetIf you’re not swimming at the moment, […]

How to make a pool bathroom cleaner

People who have been using pool water for years will recognize the familiar scent of chlorine and other chemicals as you step into a pool.The smell will come from a mixture of chlorine-based chemicals that you have likely been breathing for years, and chlorine-repellent substances that can also be found in swimming pools.It is important […]

How to fix your water tower leak

The water tower in the Chatham-Kent resort on the southern coast of England was repaired after it collapsed in the summer of 2015, according to the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada.The tower was a new addition to the resort and was intended to be a water supply for the resort, which was being renovated.But […]