Indian swimming pool filter is a ‘miracle’ for health

Swimming pools have become a common sight in India.But for those who are concerned about health and hygiene, this is a miracle.Swimming pools are not just used for swimming, they also play a critical role in the country’s health, as the Indian Medical Association’s (IMA) Global Swimming Pool Initiative explains.This is due to the fact […]

New rules could help keep your favorite swimming pool from being polluted

By now, you probably know about the new guidelines in the US that would require swimming pools to have swimming pools filters in place and clean up after their guests.The new rules are based on the latest science, but some people think the rules are still way too restrictive.They say they don’t want to feel […]

‘Saw it coming’: Watch out for swimming pool filter in New York City

A new video showing how a pool filter can help prevent the spread of the flu in the US has prompted a swift backlash on social media.Read more:Swimming pools in the city of New York have become increasingly popular for recreational and medical purposes, with pools being flooded with water and swimmers having to remove […]

Tidal Wave’s TidalWave Plus is now live for $99

Now that Tidal’s WavePlus is available for $79, you may be wondering where the rest of the line goes from here.Well, the company is keeping the rest to a minimum.While WavePlus and Wave are both on sale, you won’t see any of the Tidal Plus plans.In fact, you’ll be able to get the WavePlus Plus […]

Why is the Royal Swimming Pool filter causing so many problems?

When I was visiting my friend in the US, I was asked why the Royal swimming pool filter wasn’t working for the first time.“The filter is designed to filter out water from the water, not water that enters your house,” I said.“What I am finding is that when you change the water temperature, it has […]

Watch this bizarre video of an elderly woman being washed out of the swimming pool

In a bizarre video, a woman is seen washing out of a swimming pool at a Sydney shopping centre, and then washing up on the floor of a car.A man is heard shouting at the woman to stop washing up and she walks towards him in a panicked attempt to get away.The woman is heard […]