Swimming pool cleaning tips

The water in swimming pools is often clean but not always.A few of the swimming pool cleaning solutions that can be used to get your swimming pool clean are:Clean water: Swimming pool cleaners can clean water from the pool’s edges, upholstery, and plumbing.This is especially important when the pool is hot, especially if the pool […]

The Best and Worst Swimming Pools in NJ

The New Jersey Aquatic Park is a world-class swimming pool and has been in operation since 1891.The park boasts a pool capacity of 60,000, with two pools and one diving pool on the main floor, a large swimming area and a water slide.It also has a large public plaza, a playground, a cafe and a […]

How to protect yourself against pool-invasion mosquitoes

By Claire AikenThe world is being overwhelmed by a new and insidious virus that’s spreading like a virus, wiping out the lives of millions.There’s no shortage of reasons to be alarmed, as the virus has already been linked to serious birth defects, a rare but fatal form of brain cancer and several other deadly and […]