The Lad’s Fishing Pool

Fishing pools can be a very expensive hobby, and many people would be better off spending more time enjoying the outdoors.Whether it be as a recreational activity, or as a home-based activity, there are many ways to make a swimming pool work for you and your family.Here are 10 tips for making a swimming pond […]

When the Swimming Pool is not your style, go for a dip at Target

Posted November 14, 2018 07:47:06 Target’s Swimming pool will be the target of a new advertising campaign this year.Key points:The Australian Retail Consortium says Target’s swim pools offer a range of featuresTarget’s swimming pool design is not unique to the company’s other poolsTarget’s pool design will feature a wide array of different design elements, including […]

U.S. Swimming Pool Construction Is Back on Track, but Fingerhut Falls, Idaho Falls Is Still Waiting

After two months of delays, the U.N. World Health Organization is planning to re-open swimming pools in two remote areas of the Pacific Northwest, which were shuttered last month when the U,S.government closed them for two weeks to conserve water.The Pacific Northwest Swimming Pools Association (POWSA), a local water provider, and the federal government have […]

The New York Times reports that the US is facing a shortage of pool chemicals due to Hurricane Harvey

The New Jersey legislature is in a desperate position.Governor Chris Christie is seeking a three-month extension of the state’s state-mandated storm water ban, and the Legislature is refusing to take up the governor’s request.The legislature’s decision comes as the Trump administration is considering issuing an emergency declaration to help address the crisis.The governor has already […]