How a pool chair turned into a swimming pool

By Mike Cavanaugh, Associated Press A pool chair transformed into a pool, complete with a swimming hole and pool-sized sun.The design is a nod to a popular game in which players take turns to jump on a chair and swim around the pool in a circle, then return to the chair to repeat the process.The […]

Next Big Futures Clipart

The next Big Future, the upcoming album from Big Future is now available for download.The album is a collaboration between producer Nicki Minaj, songwriter, and producer Will.I.Am, featuring the song “Swimming Pool” and the song, “Next Big Future”.Nicki, Will, and Nicki will be joined by producer/writer, Chris Daughtry, who will produce and work with the […]

What to expect at Pink Swimming Pool Training 2018

After years of being ignored by the rest of the world, pink swimming pool video games are finally getting some attention from parents. “It’s time for us to come together and make the best out of this year and all the fun and activities we can have together,” said Katie Gaffney, whose family has owned a […]