Which swimming pool plans will help you save money on rent?

Recode, Inc. has learned that a new survey shows that the average American household can save about $20 per month by buying a pool and renting it out.In fact, one of the survey’s results suggested that if the average household owned three swimming pools, they could save $300 per month, or about $9,000 per year.Read […]

How to save on swimming pools

Overstock.com’s Swimming Pool financing offers are just one of the many ways to save money on swimming pool related purchases.But if you’re a regular swimmer and are considering an Overstock swimming pool, we’ve got you covered.We’re a partner with Overstock, and we offer our own pool finance products, so if you have questions about your […]

Swimming pools cleaner is now available overstock, swimming pool cleaner service

Overstock swimming pool cleaning service has made its way to Overstock.com, and the price tag for the service is now $5.99 a month, with unlimited use for one month.Users can access the service on any Overstock account and the service will include a $10.99 value-added tax credit.Overstock also includes a 10-day free trial, which lets […]

NFL’s ‘Underground Swimming Pool’ could get a home

A swimming pool in the backyard of a Florida home has become a symbol of the growing number of homeowners who are opting for outdoor pools and other amenities instead of indoor pools.The pool at the Lake Okeechobee home of Robert and Angela Ekins is part of a large property that includes a large lake […]