Naked swimming pool in New Jersey could be up to $25M, according to estimates

New Jersey’s public swimming pool is getting a $25 million makeover, thanks to the work of a team of architects, contractors and investors.The $15 million project is to be done by a New Jersey-based firm called the Urban Center for Architecture and Urban Design, which specializes in sustainable design for cities and towns.The team includes […]

Swimming pools cleaner is now available overstock, swimming pool cleaner service

Overstock swimming pool cleaning service has made its way to, and the price tag for the service is now $5.99 a month, with unlimited use for one month.Users can access the service on any Overstock account and the service will include a $10.99 value-added tax credit.Overstock also includes a 10-day free trial, which lets […]

Why I’m obsessed with swimmers.

I don’t have a swimming pool.I don`t really like swimming.So when I heard about the idea of creating a pool for nude swims, I just had to try it.So, I started a website called’s a pool game that lets you compete with other swimmers to see who can have the most fun.I`ve always liked […]