Swimming pools cleaner is now available overstock, swimming pool cleaner service

Overstock swimming pool cleaning service has made its way to Overstock.com, and the price tag for the service is now $5.99 a month, with unlimited use for one month.Users can access the service on any Overstock account and the service will include a $10.99 value-added tax credit.Overstock also includes a 10-day free trial, which lets […]

When the Swimming Pool is not your style, go for a dip at Target

Posted November 14, 2018 07:47:06 Target’s Swimming pool will be the target of a new advertising campaign this year.Key points:The Australian Retail Consortium says Target’s swim pools offer a range of featuresTarget’s swimming pool design is not unique to the company’s other poolsTarget’s pool design will feature a wide array of different design elements, including […]

Why you should stop bathing in the pool: We have some good reasons to stop swimming in the swimming pool

The idea of bathing in a swimming pool is one of those timeless things that you can’t help but have fond memories of when you were a child.You know, the one where you would crawl in, grab your bathing suit and then jump into the pool while watching a cartoon or a show on the […]

This is what the world would look like if a giant swimming pool was built on a desert island

In 1881, the French scientist and engineer Émile Bélanger built the first underwater swimming pool on the Isle of Mull, in Scotland.Today, the Pool Barracuda is the largest floating pool in the world.But, while the pool has been a fixture of the world’s oceans for centuries, the vast majority of visitors to the island haven’t […]