What you need to know about Gianni Infantino’s signing

After the initial shock of signing the Milan midfielder on loan, Infantinos move was quickly confirmed by the Italian press.The signing of Infantini is a huge step in the right direction for the club and is a major boost to the Serie A season ahead.Milan fans were quick to applaud the move, and the former […]

‘Saw it coming’: Watch out for swimming pool filter in New York City

A new video showing how a pool filter can help prevent the spread of the flu in the US has prompted a swift backlash on social media.Read more:Swimming pools in the city of New York have become increasingly popular for recreational and medical purposes, with pools being flooded with water and swimmers having to remove […]

Big Swimming Pool Parts: A New Era in Portable Swimming Pools

It’s not a new concept for the world’s biggest pools to offer swimmers access to a big-screen TV in the pool.In Japan, there are also plenty of large swimming pools that have been turning to televisions for a while.But there are now two big swimmers’ pools in Japan, the Atwoods and the Atwood.They are the […]