The best swimmers and swimming pools in Australia

The best swimming pools and the best swimming facilities are all in the state of New South Wales, according to a new study.It was commissioned by the Australian Swimming and Diving Association (ASDA) and the NSW government, and analysed by The Daily Telegraph.It looked at swimming pools across the state, and found the state has […]

U.S. Swimming Pool Construction Is Back on Track, but Fingerhut Falls, Idaho Falls Is Still Waiting

After two months of delays, the U.N. World Health Organization is planning to re-open swimming pools in two remote areas of the Pacific Northwest, which were shuttered last month when the U,S.government closed them for two weeks to conserve water.The Pacific Northwest Swimming Pools Association (POWSA), a local water provider, and the federal government have […]

This is a really cool underwater swimming pool heater

Engadgets title What’s the best underwater swimming pools?article Engadsby title A dive shop that’s all about diving is open source Engadsbys main attraction is a dive shop called Deep Dive that’s a dive school run by an underwater diving expert.The shop offers all sorts of diving equipment and supplies and even offers a diving simulator.Deep […]

A new family of waterfalls in Scotland is a huge improvement over the original designs, says the Royal Botanic Gardens

Scotland’s Royal Botanical Gardens are making great progress in the battle against algae.The Scottish Waterfall Trust (SVB) has made three new waterfalls, in Dunbark, Glasgow, and Inverurie, which are also very popular.It has also created the world’s largest waterfalls.SVB has been using a new technology to monitor water levels and have been able to measure […]

Construction for Irish Olympic swimming pool set to start in spring

Construction for the Irish Olympic Swimming Pool is set to begin in spring, after the construction of a new, six-metre pool was completed.The construction of the Irish Swimming pool has been completed and the pool is scheduled to be opened to the public in 2019, according to the Irish Association of Sport.The new pool is […]

Which are the best swimming pools in Singapore?

Waterfalls are often associated with tropical waters, but Singaporeans are also known for their natural pools, which are popular in Singapore.With a sea of white sand and turquoise water, they are one of the most popular outdoor swimming destinations.With Singapore’s sunny climate, the sun shines down on Singapore, which makes for an ideal pool environment.While […]