Which swimming pool plans will help you save money on rent?

Recode, Inc. has learned that a new survey shows that the average American household can save about $20 per month by buying a pool and renting it out.In fact, one of the survey’s results suggested that if the average household owned three swimming pools, they could save $300 per month, or about $9,000 per year.Read […]

A frozen swimming pool builder says it will close because of the government shutdown

A frozen pool builder has said it will stop operating after the government shuts down.Walt Disney World said it plans to close its Frozen Swimming Pool and Spa in Hollywood for the month of November after officials there said they were unable to meet a $40 million debt.“Due to the inability to meet our debt […]

Swimming pool at Bhopal,India

Bhopala: Swimming pools of India are on the rise as the population in the capital continues to grow.The city is now home to nearly 4,000 swimming pools and one of the largest swimming pools in India.According to the Swimming Pool Council of India, over 400 swimming pools have been opened across the country, adding to […]

The U.S. is not going to be able to cover all of its swimming pool maintenance bills, CBS News correspondent Ted Barrett reports.

Posted February 18, 2018 09:03:14The U.N. says the world will have to find new ways to fund swimming pool upkeep if it is to meet the growing demand for the sport, and it is trying to get governments to step up.The International Swimming Pool Federation has called on governments to create pools that are affordable […]

Which cities are most likely to have plastic trash in your pool?

Posted October 29, 2018 12:31:25 It is not easy to choose a perfect pool, especially when you have no idea what type of plastic to pick from.We asked experts on the plastic pollution debate to share their tips for choosing the right pool for you.We looked at the most commonly used materials, the most prevalent […]

A swimming pool drawing to be held in the middle of an Austin, Texas traffic jam

A swimming pond drawing to celebrate the life of a Texas man who died of a heart attack at a swimming pool in the city will be held on July 1, police said.¬†Austin police say they have secured the venue, located at the corner of North Shepherd and North Shepherd Drive, where the drawing is […]

Trump’s ‘disgraceful’ comments about CNN

Donald Trump’s comments about the network are disgraceful, a bipartisan group of senators said Thursday, a day after the president mocked the network for “fake news.”Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said Trump’s tweets and comments “tarnish our democracy.”Senators Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Sherrod Brown, D, Ohio, said Trump should resign or step down.“This President’s outrageous and […]

How to Install a Swimming Pool in Your Home

How to install a swimming pool in your home is a complex process, and you may have to hire a professional to complete it.This article will walk you through the steps necessary to install your own pool.We’ll also provide tips on how to properly install the pool to ensure it meets your expectations.This is the […]