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How a ‘girls’ pool builder was making girls feel good about their bodies

By now, we all know how to make an attractive pool.You can have a giant glass water fountain, or a row of large metal swimming pools, or you can make a little girls’ pool that’s filled with cute little pink-haired dolls and pink-painted girls swimming in it.But the thing is, there’s nothing wrong with making […]

How to make a pool bathroom cleaner

People who have been using pool water for years will recognize the familiar scent of chlorine and other chemicals as you step into a pool.The smell will come from a mixture of chlorine-based chemicals that you have likely been breathing for years, and chlorine-repellent substances that can also be found in swimming pools.It is important […]

‘I’m so angry’: What to know about water-cooler wars with swimming pools

The US Coast Guard is urging people not to drink their own tap water at swimming pools.It also urged parents to keep their kids at home when swimming.The agency also warned that the public was at risk when they did drink their tap water.A report from the U.S. Coast Guard says in the past year […]

‘Free swimming pool’: $150 million pool is on the move

The owner of a swimming pool at the South Shore Olympic Village in Miami says the facility is undergoing a $150,000 makeover.The $2 million pool was originally scheduled to open in the spring.It was supposed to open later this year, but a $3 million refurbishment project is still in the works, said Brian Lohman, who […]

Watch this bizarre video of an elderly woman being washed out of the swimming pool

In a bizarre video, a woman is seen washing out of a swimming pool at a Sydney shopping centre, and then washing up on the floor of a car.A man is heard shouting at the woman to stop washing up and she walks towards him in a panicked attempt to get away.The woman is heard […]

‘Gran Turismo 6’ trailer released to PlayStation Store

“It was a fun ride!”– Game Informer cover, May 17, 2019″It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it.”– Eurogamer cover, April 28, 2020″There’s so much to love about Gran Turismo.But I’m still waiting to see if it’s the first game I’ll ever play.”– Kotaku cover, March 25, 2021″It might not be as polished as the […]