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What’s happening to the swimming pools at a waterpark in China?

In late April, a group of Chinese officials, in a show of force to protect the country’s waterpark industry, ordered the closing of the two largest swimming pools in Shanghai and Chongqing.The government is now investigating the matter.“It was an outrageous act, the biggest of its kind,” Wang Xiaoming, a Shanghai waterpark owner and a […]

How to get your swimsuit back

In April this year, a 28-year-old woman, who did not wish to be named, said she had had her swimsuit stolen by an unidentified man.“I had it on me for three days.He took it out to the swimming pool and I couldn’t even swim in the pool because I was sweating,” she said.I was sitting […]

Big Swimming Pool Parts: A New Era in Portable Swimming Pools

It’s not a new concept for the world’s biggest pools to offer swimmers access to a big-screen TV in the pool.In Japan, there are also plenty of large swimming pools that have been turning to televisions for a while.But there are now two big swimmers’ pools in Japan, the Atwoods and the Atwood.They are the […]

Swimming pool 14X48 training at Walmart

Swimming pools are a great place to start a career as a fitness trainer.They’re perfect for people with limited finances and can easily be scaled up to accommodate an athlete’s training needs.But how do you find a pool for your next fitness project?We’ve rounded up some of our favorite pools, including a selection of swimming […]

Why is the Royal Swimming Pool filter causing so many problems?

When I was visiting my friend in the US, I was asked why the Royal swimming pool filter wasn’t working for the first time.“The filter is designed to filter out water from the water, not water that enters your house,” I said.“What I am finding is that when you change the water temperature, it has […]

Which of these is the biggest, worst, and most toxic of all?

By now you’ve probably heard that Coca-Cola and its competitor PepsiCo have teamed up with the tobacco giant Philip Morris International to market their products in the US.And the results, which have not been shared widely yet, are not good.As the Independent has reported, the products contain a variety of harmful chemicals that can cause […]