Kool Deck Installers

kool deck installers


Cool Pool Deck Lace Acrylic Concrete Coating is a strong surface that
can cover concrete, old Kool DeckTM  or stamped concrete.  It is
primarily used to coat pool decks, patio decks, sidewalks, driveways, or
garages. In addition, compared to concrete and pavers, Cool Pool Deck
is much cooler.

Finally, Cool Pool Deck has a skid resistant texture which makes it the
most popular choice around pools in Arizona for it’s beautiful
long-lasting and safe characteristics.


Step 1: Preparing the surface. In most cases the surface can be pressure washed
to make it ready for the Cool Pool Deck installation. The surrounding area is also
protected with plastic sheeting and paper.

If the surface, such as an old coating, is too loose. The preparation step will need to
include GRINDING the surface.

Step 2: The base or scratch coat is installed over the clean surface.
This step is essential to achieve an even and consistent finish.

Step 3: The final texture coat is installed over the base coat.
This step is achieved using a “hopper” gun. The texture should be void of lumps.

Step 4: The top coat or paint coat is installed over the texture coat.

What Can You Expect:

The crew typically arrives before 9am. You will need to have all pets indoors
for the duration of the remodel. Please leave the side gate unlocked so that the
crew can have access to the backyard. If grinding is involved you can expect
dust in the work site. If Cool Pool Deck is being installed around the pool, the
pool will usually be covered with plastic sheeting to protect your water. If the
pool deck is only being repainted, then only the outer edges of the pool will be
covered in plastic. You can also expect the crews to typically leave the work
site no later than five pm.

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