Why is the overstock swim pool on sale for $14.99 on Amazon?

Amazon’s website lists overstock.com as one of the best swim pools on the market and it’s no surprise that it’s also the only one in the US that sells for over $14,000.

If you want to spend less on swimwear than you can afford, then it’s worth checking out overstock pools as well.

However, the Amazon listing only lists the pool for $24,500 and you won’t find the price listed for the other pools listed on the site, which include a $19,200 pool, a $24 in-room pool, and a $17,500 indoor pool.

There are no other swimwear options listed.

The pool is on sale and the listing is live.

Overstock.ca is the online retailer for the pools, so you can always find them at the store if you need something more expensive.

The company is offering the swimming pool for a low price of $14 at $21,000 a piece.

The prices listed for both indoor and outdoor pools vary from $30,000 to $38,000 per pool, depending on the pool’s size and type.

There is a small $2,500 discount for families and a discount of up to 50 percent on indoor pools.

There’s also a 50 percent discount on outdoor pools for families.