Which swimming pools have the best swimmers?

Canada’s Olympic swimming pool at the Vancouver Olympic Stadium is famous for its swimming pools.

Now, some of the pools in Canada’s capital have made it onto the list of the world’s best swimming pools according to a study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

The Vancouver Olympic Pool was awarded the honor for the second time last year.

The first time was in 2014, when it was the second-best swimming pool in Canada.

The next year, it was at the top.

The study included data on the swimming ability of Olympic swimmers from the last 50 years.

Researchers from McGill University in Montreal analyzed the data and came up with their ranking.

They then looked at how well different pools worked together to improve the swimming abilities of athletes.

The researchers found that swimming pools with a higher average swimming ability are more likely to attract top athletes.

That could have a big impact on Olympic swimming competitions.

“We believe that swimming ability is one of the main determinants of success at an Olympic level,” lead author Paul Gorman said in a news release.

“It is therefore a good measure of pool safety, but it is also a measure of the overall pool health and health of the community.”

The study used data on swimming ability for more than 100 Olympic swimming events.

In the swimming pools, the researchers found a correlation between the ability of the pool and how well it worked together.

This is because a pool with a lower swimming ability could affect the performance of athletes in other pools.

The results are the same for the other swimming pools included in the study.

The results show that pool swimming ability was more important for swimming performance than the ability to swim alone, and swimming ability and the ability alone were linked to swimming ability in pools that were both high in physical fitness and high in the number of athletes participating in them.

The studies team also found that the swimming pool with the highest average swimming capability was the one with the least risk of injury.

This could have an impact on how many Olympic athletes can compete in Rio, the games held in Brazil this summer.