When ‘Swimming Pool Builder’ opens in Dallas, the word ‘sex’ won’t be enough to stop a backlash

It’s the kind of place where you’d expect to see women’s swimwear, and even a few of the women’s underwear you’d find in the back.

But it’s not exactly the kind where you could find a bikini or a bikini-clad woman.

“We’re trying to create an environment where it’s a safe environment for everyone,” said Jennifer Purdon, a manager at the Dallas-based Menards swimming pool builder.

That’s the main focus of the company’s opening in Dallas.

Menards is a leading provider of swimming pool safety equipment in the Dallas area.

Menards, the largest provider of swimwear in the country, announced Wednesday it will open its first location in Dallas for its new women’s facility.

It is the first of what it says will be hundreds of new indoor pools to open across the nation in the next few years.

For the first time in a generation, the company is opening a pool at the same time it is adding indoor pools.

The company is also opening its first indoor pool for men in the nation’s fourth-largest city, where the average family spends about $5,000 a year, according to the Census Bureau.

Men’s pools are less expensive, according a Menards spokesperson.

Purdon said the company has had to rethink its design for the new pool, which will have no chlorine or other chemicals that could compromise its health.

Its goal is to create a place where women can relax, and be able to go to the pool and be comfortable, she said.

Some women may feel like they have to put on a swimsuit just to go swimming, but it’s really important that they feel comfortable,” she said, noting that it’s the only place where they can.

There will be women’s and men’s pools, but they will have a different design and the only way they’re going to be able do that is through a different product line.

Women will not be able go swimming alone.

Men will be able use a separate, dedicated pool with a separate wall and separate equipment.

More: Women can now use a different wall and different equipment.

Menards has opened its first women’s indoor pool in Dallas in the new year.

Its opening is the largest of the new pools.

The company plans to add women’s facilities throughout the country.

In Texas, Menards has announced a women’s pool in Fort Worth, a men’s pool near Austin and plans to open a men-only pool in Houston in the spring.