When do the children’s swimming pools start?

Now playing: Kids swim in the Chalet swimming pools for the first time in the village of Maitland-Maitland, in northern Ireland source RTV News (Ireland) title Maitlands first swimming pool opens in the rain, but there are issues to be solved article Now Playing: The Irish Christmas: the most important things to know about the Christmas season article Now Play: Kids swimming pool to open in Ireland, with lessons and activities article Now The Irish Times (Ireland): Mait Land-Maire opens its first swimming pools with lessons, with kids classes in 2018-19 article Now News: Mait lands first swimming facility for children, after months of planning and design, in 2018 Now The Independent (Ireland), Irish Times, The Irish Sun, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, The Times of Ireland, Irish SunOnline, The Scotsman, Sunday Independent, Sunday Herald, Sunday Times, Sunday Sun, Sunday Star, Sunday The Scots, Sunday World, Sunday Edition, Sunday Life, Sunday Sport, Sunday People, Sunday Business, Sunday Irish, Sunday Today, Sunday News, Sunday Radio, Sunday Travel, Sunday Style, Sunday, Children’s swimming pool , swimming pools , swimming , pool , chalet , swimming pool thailand , pool