The #1 place to visit for #swimming pools

The top swimming pool in San Francisco has seen a significant increase in visitors in the past few years, according to the city’s swimming pool management company.

The number of visitors to the Golden Gate Aquatic Center rose by more than 50 percent in 2017, to about 1,000, and the city saw more than 600,000 visits in 2018, according the San Francisco Department of Parks and Recreation.

The increase in visits comes from both an increased number of customers visiting the center, which now hosts more than 100 events per day, and more visitors from other cities, such as New York City and Miami.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate has a reputation for being a popular destination for the swimming pool industry, which has been in decline for decades.

There’s a lot of turnover within the industry, especially among the younger demographic.

The number of younger patrons has also been growing in recent years, especially with the popularity of the fitness craze.

There’s also a strong focus on sustainability, with the company taking measures to minimize its impact on the environment.

The Golden Gate is located in an area with some of the highest pollution in the country.

The city has a high rate of asthma attacks, and pollution is a major contributor to the health problems in the city.

“We’ve seen a lot more of that since the ’90s,” said San Francisco swimming pool manager Paul D. Zukas.

“We’re very conscious of the environmental impact.”

Zukas said he and his team have also increased the frequency of events to make sure that visitors are getting a good experience, and that the company will be more proactive in ensuring that its guests are healthy.

He said he expects that overall visitors to San Francisco’s swimming pools will increase, but not by as much as the number of guests from other parts of the city who have become accustomed to visiting the city in the summer months.

San Franciscans love swimming pools, and this year has been no exception.

In the first three months of 2018, there were nearly 200,000 people who swam at the Golden Garden, and those numbers will likely continue to rise, Zukis said.

He expects that number to double in 2019, which would mark the third straight year the city will see a surge in visits to the pool.

“The Golden Gate will continue to grow,” Zukos said.

“People want to see the water and have fun in the water.”