Swimming pool at Bhopal,India

Bhopala: Swimming pools of India are on the rise as the population in the capital continues to grow.

The city is now home to nearly 4,000 swimming pools and one of the largest swimming pools in India.

According to the Swimming Pool Council of India, over 400 swimming pools have been opened across the country, adding to the number of existing pools in the city.

The Bhopals swimming pool has the capacity to accommodate more than 40,000 guests, but the city has yet to expand it.

Bhopally has over 1,400 swimming pools.

Swimming at the Bhopales swimming pool is not as free as one would imagine, though.

The pools are not open to the public, and the water has to be pumped through a large water pump, which is very expensive.

The cost of a new swimming pool can run up to $200,000.

Swimmers can purchase a private pool for $300,000, but that pool is only open to guests.

The water is filtered and disinfected by a water tanker.

Some of the pools, however, have other perks, including an indoor pool with a swimming pool spa.

Swimmings in Bhopaling have been on the increase, but some are getting crowded with tourists, which has lead to the water being polluted.

The swimmers are getting into fights, as some of them do not know where the nearest pool is.

Swimmer Rishi Kumar, who is from Uttar Pradesh, said he has been swimming at the pool for 10 years.

“I used to go to the swimming pool in my hometown of Durgapuram in Uttar Pradesh.

Now, I go to other areas.

It has become a problem for the local population,” he said.

Swamers in the area do not like the water quality in the pool, and many of them have started boycotting the pool.

“We used to use to get out to the pool and use it as a place to play football, but now the water is becoming foul,” said Rishi.

Swamin, who said he does not have the funds to buy a private swimming pool for his family, is looking for a new pool in his area.

“The water is not good, so I would like to get a private water pool,” he added.