A frozen swimming pool builder says it will close because of the government shutdown

A frozen pool builder has said it will stop operating after the government shuts down.

Walt Disney World said it plans to close its Frozen Swimming Pool and Spa in Hollywood for the month of November after officials there said they were unable to meet a $40 million debt.

“Due to the inability to meet our debt obligations, we will cease operations and close the Frozen Swimmers Spa,” Walt Disney World’s statement said.

It said that if the debt were to be paid, it would have to shut down by the end of November.

Walden Beach, in Santa Monica, California, has also been shut down as a result of the shutdown.

It is the latest in a series of government shutdowns that have forced tens of thousands of Americans to shut their homes and businesses.

A shutdown of more than two months has already shut down about 1,200 businesses across the country.