Which is better: the pond or the stairs?

In case you missed it, the last time I wrote a column about swimming pools, I made the mistake of writing that they were all equally great.

Not true, and the same goes for swimming pools.

I know this is an obvious point.

You want to go to a pool and you don’t want to walk down the steps, you want to take the steps.

If you want the pond to be a great swimming pool then go to the pond.

If not, go to any of the stairs, even if you’re not going to swim. 

But even though swimming pools are more fun than stairs, they are also a bit more complicated.  The pond is not necessarily the easiest swimming pool to get to, it’s also the easiest for most people to get there, but there are other reasons for why it’s better. 

There are different reasons for swimming pool stairs: The pool is smaller than the stairs