When you’re tired of swimming in concrete swimming pool at the pool, there’s something else to do

When you are feeling worn out and want something else, the only choice you have is to get up and do something else.

The pool at Loma Prieta Beach in Los Angeles has become a popular destination for some people, but for others, it has become an obsession.

In an effort to fill its swimming pool with water, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors recently approved a proposal that would install a concrete swimming tank beneath the pool’s surface.

The project is being led by Loma Dorado Resort, which is based in Loma, California.

The Loma Supervisors approved the pool project in a 3-1 vote.

Loma Dorada said the project would allow the pool to provide “a safe, comfortable and environmentally sustainable environment” for visitors, and that it would help create jobs and boost the county’s economy.

In addition to creating jobs, the pool will also help protect the environment, according to the Loma City Council.

The council also approved a plan to fund the project through an incentive program for companies that participate in the project.

The city’s plan to invest $500,000 through a pool incentive program will pay for the installation of a new concrete pool and a “naked pool,” Loma said.

It is expected to be complete in the spring.

The Los Angeles Recreation Department said it will begin using the pool as soon as possible and said it is “committed to making this project a success.”

In the meantime, the council also ordered the city to consider using the existing pool as a public safety facility for the first time in more than a decade.

The pools pool is being constructed at Lomas Pool and Spa.