When the pond gets hot, you can swim in the water

Redneck swimming pools and poolside restaurants are in full swing in Canada.

They’re not just an excuse to swim in a water park.

But they can also help keep your body cool.

Article Continued Below It’s all part of a trend that’s been in the works for years and will likely become even more popular as the spring season gets underway.

The pools are already filling up with people, and that trend is just getting started.

“I think it’s kind of a cool thing to do, especially in the summer, when you’re out in the pool and there’s no sun,” said Michelle Leclerc, who has been a Redneck Pool owner for six years.

She said the pools are a perfect way to cool down.

You can do it outside.

You can do things outside.

That’s the thing about Redneck pools: you can get it anywhere,” she said.

Leclerc said it’s not uncommon for people to come out to poolside for a few minutes, then get back into their cars or get out of the pool.

While there are other options for cooling down, Leclercess said you can go swimming in the lake or in the pools in the backyard.

As you get out there, Le Clerc said the pool is just a great place to chill.

In fact, her pool has become a destination for some local people who want to catch up with friends.”

It’s just something to do outside, you know?

We get out and go out for a swim and come back and chill and do a little party,” she explained.

I think people are really into it, it’s a lot of fun, she said, adding that the water is so hot in the summers.

For those who do not live in Toronto, Redneck pool pools are open to the public.