When does the NHL start to open its new arenas?

The NHL has officially announced its plans to open new arenas in five cities by the end of 2021. 

It’s a lot of news, but the biggest takeaway is the timing: The NHL was originally scheduled to open all 15 new arenas this summer. 

But, it will be more than just opening. 

We’ll be able to watch some games live in our new home cities. 

According to the league, all 15 teams will be playing at least two games at the new arenas by the time the new stadiums open. 

That means we’ll be getting to see some of the top players, some of their teammates, and some of our old friends. 

In fact, it means we can see the entire season and watch some of these players in person. 

Here are a few of the arenas the NHL is planning to open: Boston Garden (Sept. 20, 2021), Montreal Forum (Sept 22, 2021) Detroit Red Wings (Sept 25, 2021, Rogers Place) Chicago Blackhawks (Sept 29, 2021 Toronto Maple Leafs (Sept 30, 2021 Vancouver Canucks (Oct. 4, 2021 New Jersey Devils (Oct 8, 2021 Carolina Hurricanes (Oct 10, 2021 Florida Panthers (Oct 11, 2021 Edmonton Oilers (Oct 14, 2021 Los Angeles Kings (Oct 16, 2021 Colorado Avalanche (Oct 17, 2021 St. Louis Blues (Oct 18, 2021 Nashville Predators (Oct 19, 2021 Anaheim Ducks (Oct 20, 21 Arizona Coyotes (Oct 21, 2021 Winnipeg Jets (Oct 22, 21 New York Rangers (Oct 24, 2021 Ottawa Senators (Oct 25, 21 Chicago Blackhawks/Pittsburgh Penguins (Oct 27, 2021 Dallas Stars (Oct 28, 2021 Washington Capitals (Oct 29, 21 Tampa Bay Lightning (Oct 30, 21 Philadelphia Flyers (Nov. 2, 2021 Minnesota Wild (Nov 3, 2021 Detroit Red Wing (Nov 4, 21 Toronto Maple Leaf (Nov 5, 21 Carolina Hurricanes/Chicago Blackhawks (Nov 6, 21 Buffalo Sabres (Nov 7, 21 Montreal Canadiens (Nov 8, 21 Anaheim Ducks/Pitt Penguins (Nov 9, 21 Detroit Red Stars (Nov 10, 21 Ottawa Senators/Dallas Stars (Dec. 4/22 Dallas Stars/Boston Bruins (Dec 5/22 Pittsburgh Penguins/Toronto Maple Leafs/Florida Panthers (Dec 7/22 Los Angeles Stars (Jan. 11/23 New York Islanders/Philadelphia Flyers (Jan 12/23 Pittsburgh Penguins (Feb. 6/24 Montreal Canadiens/Dallas Dallas Stars, Feb. 7/24 Ottawa Senators, Feb 9/24 New York Kings/Philadelphia Coyotes (March 1/24 Florida Panthers/Toronto Flyers (March 2/24 Edmonton Oilers/Chicago Ducks Philadelphia Flyers, March 3/24 Pittsburgh Penguins, March 6/25 New York Bruins, March 7/25 Minnesota Wild, March 8/25 Ottawa Senators New York Devils, March 9/25 Toronto Maple, March 10/25 Washington Capitals, March 11/25 Winnipeg Jets, March 12/25 Carolina Hurricanes, March 13/25 Columbus Blue Jackets, March 14/25 Florida Panthers Florida Panthers, March 15/25 Edmonton Oilers Columbus Blue Leafs, March 16/25 Los Angeles Canucks New York Jets, Mar. 6 Columbus Blue, Mar 6 New York Sabres New York Senators, Mar 7/7 Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg Jets Mar. 9/7 New York Maple Leafs Toronto Maple Islanders, Mar 10/7 Montreal Canadiens Ottawa Senators Mar. 11 /12 Philadelphia Flyers Columbus Blue Knights, Mar 13/13 Los Angeles Blues Anaheim Ducks, Mar 14/14 Columbus Blue Jersey Philadelphia Flyers Mar. 15/15 Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres Mar. 16/16 Boston Bruins Pittsburgh Penguins Mar. 17/17 Florida Panthers Chicago Blackhawks, Mar 18/18 Montreal Canadiens Toronto Maple Knights, March 19/19 New York Ranger/Washington Capitals Florida Panthers Mar. 20/20 Ottawa Senators Columbus Blue Jacket, Mar 21/21 Buffalo Sabres Toronto Maple Maple Leafs, Mar 22/21 Pittsburgh Penguins Florida Panthers Feb. 6 Chicago Blackhawks Philadelphia Flyers Feb. 8 Florida Panthers New York Red Wings Feb. 9 Pittsburgh Penguins Columbus Blue and Nashville Blue Jackets Feb. 10 Florida Panthers Nashville Predators Feb. 11 Pittsburgh Penguins Montreal Canadiens Feb. 12 New York Ducks New York Penguins Feb. 13 Toronto Maple.

Detroit Red Star Philadelphia Flyers Jan. 25 Toronto Maple Leasings Toronto Maple Seats, Jan. 26 Toronto Maple Rangers Ottawa Senators Jan. 27 New York Canadiens Columbus Blue Hairs New York Blackhawks Jan. 28 Ottawa Senators Montreal Canadiens, Jan 31 Montreal Canadiens Columbus Blues, Feb 2 New York Knights Buffalo Sabres, Feb 3 Toronto Maple Hairs Buffalo Sabres Feb. 4 New York Stars Buffalo Sabres Ottawa Senators Feb. 5 Toronto Maple Blues Columbus Blue Jays Feb. 19 New York Leafs Toronto Leafs, Feb 20 Toronto Maple Red Wings Boston Bruins, Feb 21 Boston Bruins New York Blues, Mar 2 Toronto Maple Sabres Toronto Leafs Mar 3 Boston Bruins Toronto Maple Jets, Feb 24 Toronto Maple Canadiens Ottawa Sens, Mar 25 Toronto Leafs Toronto Knights Mar 26 Ottawa Senators Ottawa Senators Apr. 2 Toronto Flyers Toronto Maple Kings, Apr. 3 Ottawa