‘This is going to be the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make’: FlexPay to end service at deepest pool

The Florida-based FlexPay company said on Wednesday it would end its deep-water swimming pool services at the most popular deep-pool in the U.S. in response to a rising number of accidents and injuries.

The company said it would suspend its deep water swimming pool for a week, and will provide pool owners with a three-day notice to vacate the pool, which is located at the Florida Aquarium in Brevard County.

The facility is in a popular swimming spot for the public.

A Florida Department of Health official said the pool had recently been closed for the summer due to high pool temperatures and a lack of swimming pool maintenance, but it is being tested for the possibility of reopening.

The pool is operated by the Florida Department in partnership with the Florida Museum of Natural History, the Florida Zoo and the Brevard Aquarium.