NFL’s ‘Underground Swimming Pool’ could get a home

A swimming pool in the backyard of a Florida home has become a symbol of the growing number of homeowners who are opting for outdoor pools and other amenities instead of indoor pools.

The pool at the Lake Okeechobee home of Robert and Angela Ekins is part of a large property that includes a large lake and a golf course.

But Robert and his wife, Angela, are considering keeping the pool in their Lake Opechobee, Fla., home because of the potential to make money from the extra income.

The couple has lived in the home since 2001, but have been looking to upgrade the property.

The lake is a favorite swimming spot and Angela, an avid golfer, was particularly interested in installing a new pool that would have the ability to get more people in the water.

She had looked at other options, but she was not ready to leave her home and start a pool business, according to the Florida Sun-Sentinel.

She was able to persuade her husband to let her buy the pool and install the water heater, and it is now a fixture in their backyard.

The couple has never been shy about the project and Angela has been in touch with the owner to help coordinate the pool’s installation.

A couple of weeks ago, Robert and Angie opened the pool.

It was designed with the help of architect, Thomas St. Clair.

He said that the pool is designed to be open-ended so that guests can go in and out of it and enjoy a few fun activities without getting soaked.

The house is located in the affluent and wealthy neighborhood of Lake Ochobees subdivision.

Angela, who lives nearby, also has an estate in Lake Oechobees and is not the only person who has an interest in the pool, St. Louis said.

In recent years, more homeowners have been turning to pools as a way to keep their homes in good shape.

A study from the Center for Urban Economics at Rutgers University found that homeowners with homes worth more than $100,000 spend $2,839 a year on swimming pools.

The average cost for a new swimming pool is about $10,000.

The Ekinses have already paid $4,000 to install a water heater and they are now considering installing a shower in the house.

They are still waiting on an estimate for the final cost of the pool to be paid off.

But they have already seen the benefits of having a pool in a home.

They have spent $1,000 on upgrades to the pool since it opened.

“I love the pool so much.

I have never used a pool before, but I can just take my clothes out and it’s great,” Angela Ekin told the Associated Press.

“I think the most important thing is just the people, and I don’t see any difference from living in a swimming pool. “