A swimming pool drawing to be held in the middle of an Austin, Texas traffic jam

A swimming pond drawing to celebrate the life of a Texas man who died of a heart attack at a swimming pool in the city will be held on July 1, police said. 

Austin police say they have secured the venue, located at the corner of North Shepherd and North Shepherd Drive, where the drawing is scheduled to take place. 

They say the event, called “Dude Swim Party,” will be a celebration of life for Ryan Hickey, who passed away in July 2015 after a yearlong battle with a life-threatening condition.

Hickey was 25 years old when he suffered a heart failure on the pool deck at the Barton Springs Swim Club in August 2015, and died the following day. 

“Dude” was one of several popular Texas songs that became synonymous with the state, and the state is home to the oldest state-owned swimming pool on the planet. 

Ryan Hickey in 2014.

Source: Austin Police Department (US)