6ft pool opens at the NBA Finals – ESPN

6ft Pool opens at NBA Finals, with the final of the NBA Basketball Finals set to take place in San Antonio on July 14, 2020.

The 7,500-seat arena is scheduled to open to the public at 11am ET.

The 6ft-7ft swimming pond will be open from 7am-10pm.

The 6ft indoor pool, which is currently being designed, will feature a total of six decks.

The first of the pools to open is the 5ft indoor swimming pool.

It will feature the same layout as the 6ft outdoor pool, with a total capacity of six players and two coaches.

The first of these pools is being built in San Jose, California.

The next is scheduled for Los Angeles in 2019.

The San Antonio arena is expected to open for the NBA finals in 2020, which will be the NBA’s final season before the NBA Expansion Draft, which takes place in 2021.