Leslie swimming pools will be the tallest in Australia after a $500 million project

An 18-storey pool in Melbourne’s north is the tallest pool in the country, after construction began.

The $500m Leslie Pool will rise on a five-storeys site at the southern end of the Glebe, on a plot of land known as the Lascaux Estate.

Its 1,500-square-metre pool will be located on the eastern side of the property, on the ground floor.

Its design will be “a combination of a swimming beach and an outdoor recreational area, with a lounge and fitness centre”.

It will be accessible by the street, via the LASCaux Estate’s underground track system and by public transport, while the underground tracks will connect the two sides of the pool.

The Lascault Estate, located at the foot of the Lelong Peninsula, has more than 2,200 hectares of land, with the land surrounding the pool being about 10 kilometres long and 5 kilometres wide.

The site is close to Melbourne’s famous Fitzroy Bridge, which carries the Lancers to the city and is the world’s longest river.

The pool, which is being built by the Leach Group, has received extensive community engagement from the community.

The council said it would use the funds to “make sure that Leslie has a great future for its residents and for its future residents”.

“We are proud to be working with Leach to build a community-friendly pool that will support the city’s recreation, as well as the health of our residents,” Council Leader David Paddon said.

The project was approved by the Melbourne City Council and has been funded by a federal grant.

Melbourne’s swimming pool was originally planned to be built on land near the Leagues Club, but this site has since been converted into a park.

The pool is being designed to be a five storeys pool, with two tiers, with water being poured from the top and a water tank at the bottom.

The structure will be covered in artificial foliage to make it look as though it was a living pool.

It will have an outdoor fitness area, lounge area, restaurant, gym and spa.

There will be a swimming area, a swimming hall and a bar.

It will cost $550,000.