How to use salt to clean your swimming pool

In some parts of the UK, the Government is planning to require pool owners to use the salt to scrub the pool surfaces and install new safety barriers.

The decision to do this was welcomed by many, but the proposal will be controversial among those who think swimming pools should be a place of beauty and relaxation.

Read moreNews in ScienceThe proposal, to be discussed in parliament later this month, has been made by David Cameron, the Conservative leader, who said the decision to use swimming pool salts in the UK was part of the Government’s commitment to reduce crime.

But some have questioned whether the Government will actually do this, or whether it will simply force owners to install new barriers.

Some experts have suggested that the Government could require swimming pool owners either to use a combination of the salt and water used in swimming pools, or to use something else, such as detergent or detergent mix.

A pool with no swimming poolSalt is a solid, white substance that can be applied to surfaces to remove any particles, dust and bacteria that may have accumulated.

Salt has a strong odor and can cause skin irritation.

It is often added to swimming pools in order to help remove the dirt and grime that accumulates in the pools.

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