Watch this bizarre video of an elderly woman being washed out of the swimming pool

In a bizarre video, a woman is seen washing out of a swimming pool at a Sydney shopping centre, and then washing up on the floor of a car.

A man is heard shouting at the woman to stop washing up and she walks towards him in a panicked attempt to get away.

The woman is heard begging the man not to stop and is heard saying she “can’t do this” before running out of water.

“The water just gushes in the pool,” the woman said.

“I feel like my body is being dragged through the pool.”

A man can be heard yelling at the elderly woman to leave the pool and the woman walks towards the car to try and escape.

A woman can be seen washing up in a pool at Sydney’s Surfers Paradise shopping centre.

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She was later found by police who arrested the man, who has not been named.

“We were told it was the water that was gushing in the swimming pools and there was a person that had washed up and was obviously distressed and that they thought she was going to drown,” police said.

The man was charged with failing to ensure the safety of a person in a swimming-pool environment.

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