This is where you can make money in the pool industry

There are a number of pools in town.

You can get into the pool business by putting up an aquarium and making a good living.

But the pool that makes you the most money, according to an industry study, is one with a swimming pool in it.

And that pool is swimming pool builders.

Pool owners are making money from the sale of pool equipment, the installation of pools and the sale or lease of pools, according the report, Pool Business: The Making of the American Pool Industry, released on Thursday by the National Association of Pool and Spa Owners.

The pool owners are also making money off the rental of the pool, which includes the maintenance of the water, the hire of other workers and the cost of the cleaning and the storage of the equipment.

That’s an average of $8,848 per month for the owner, according an analysis by the report.

But if you have a pool that you don’t sell and you rent it out, the pool owners could make as much as $25,000 per month, according a second analysis by an industry group.

That means the owners of one pool could earn $8.5 million per year from their pool rental.

That’s a pretty big chunk of money for a pool.

But it’s not all that great for pool owners who are struggling to survive.

For starters, the owners don’t make money when they take a loss, because they don’t take a profit on the loss.

They only make money if they make more than their rental is worth.

So if they’ve taken a loss on a pool, they have to take a huge loss on the rest of the business.

If you look at the number of pool operators in the country, the average pool owner has a pool rental worth $13,000, according data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That compares to the average business owner who pays $16,000.

So when pool operators make money on their rental pool, that means the owner has to make a loss.

But that’s a very small amount of money.

If your pool is in bad shape, and it’s going to cost you to fix it, then you can put money in it to make sure you’re going to have it fixed and make it worth your while to do it.

The owner of one major pool in Florida reported in the report that he paid $15,000 to a pool maintenance company to get the pool up to code, and the pool was repaired in the same month.

But it’s worth it to keep the pool clean, because it means you’re not going to lose money.

The average pool operator earns about $50,000 a year, and that’s not counting any of the maintenance work that you do on the pool.

In addition to cleaning, the owner is paying $1,500 to install new pools in his pool and $1 a month to keep it working.

That total includes the cost for all the workers and other equipment that you need to keep your pool going.

It includes the pool equipment itself, as well as maintenance costs.

So the pool owner can make a pretty decent income from his pool, the report said.

Pool managers also are making a decent profit.

In fact, the most common reason pool owners give for not selling their pool is that they don-t think the pool is worth it.

A pool that is not being maintained, cleaned or maintained is usually not worth it, according research from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The survey found that a pool with a maintenance backlog of two years or more was worth $1.2 million a year to the pool operator, and a pool in which the pool had been in maintenance for 10 years was worth about $8 million a season.