The best way to get your pool cleaned up

You can now get the best of both worlds by using a self-cleaning spray to clean up your swimming pool.

Wayfair, a company that offers water cleaning services, announced today that it is rolling out the new Self-clearing Spray for the 2018-2019 season.

The spray can be purchased through the company’s website, and you’ll need a pump, spray nozzle, and other items.

It’s basically the same as any other self-watering spray you can buy, except it has a nozzle and sprayer that will allow it to penetrate water and spray the water cleanly.

The nozzle will also spray water into the pool.

When using the spray, you can also use the nozzle to spray water out of the pool as well.

You can also hold the nozzle and the spray nozzle in your hand for added control, or hold the spray on the top of the nozzle as well to make sure you’re spraying water out cleanly and evenly.

You’ll need to wash the pool after using the Spray, which means you’ll also need to do the same thing after washing your hands afterwards.

The new spray has a longer spray time than previous versions.

You should only spray once, and if you spray more than once, you’ll probably need to rinse the pool first.

For swimming pools with fewer than 100 gallons of water, the spray will only spray water that is a certain size, and for larger pools, the nozzle will only paint water a certain color.

The Spray can be used in either a spray mode or a rinse mode.

Spray mode is for swimming pools where you don’t want to have to wash your hands or even wash the water in the pool to get rid of the spray.

It also works on pools with no water.

You simply wipe off the water with your towel or a damp cloth, and then the water will start to soak into the water and will leave a spray.

The wash cycle is for pools that have a lot of water.

In this mode, the water can be washed off with a damp towel or dry cloth, but the spray is then used to dry out the water.

If you’re swimming in a pool with a lot or an extremely large amount of water in it, you may want to consider using the rinse cycle.

This is where you apply the spray to the water using a towel, and the water is then rinsed off with water.

This will allow the spray time to soak the water into it before it dries.

The two different wash cycles are recommended for most swimming pools.

You do need to be careful to not let any water leave the pool if you’re not using the wash cycle.

WayFair says that it’s working on a “water-saving” spray that will have a spray time that is shorter than the spray you’ll find in most self-watered swimming pools and that you’ll be able to get it in a few weeks.