How to play the new ‘Star Wars’ Star Wars: Rogue One

When the new Star Wars film Rogue One opens on December 16, it will mark the first time since 1977 that a movie has been released without an original Star Wars story.

But it’s not just the story of a lone stormtrooper that’s new to audiences.

It’s also a new set of characters that the franchise is introducing for the first times.

As we’ve covered before, Star Wars has always had its own canon of characters and events, which often makes for some of the most memorable Star Wars films in history.

In this exclusive look at the first trailer for Rogue One, we’re looking at a new character, a new space station, and an iconic space battle scene that was shot on the original Death Star.

We’ve also got a look at what the film will be all about, which could make it a great starting point for new fans who want to dive deeper into the universe.