How to avoid falling through the cracks of the Florida winter storm

People in Florida are being urged to avoid the slippery waters of the Great Dismal Swamp this weekend in an effort to avoid being swept away by Hurricane Matthew.

The storm has left a path of destruction through the state.

Here’s how you can avoid falling into the water.

Read moreFlooding: How to prepare for a storm on the riseFloods and erosion in the Great Lakes are the two main causes of flooding in Florida, and the storm is expected to continue moving inland on Sunday, bringing with it more heavy rains.

The National Weather Service says Matthew will dump up to five inches of rain across Florida over the weekend.

“We are already seeing severe rainfall and dangerous storm surges,” said Greg Johnson, Florida’s emergency manager.

“We are anticipating a storm surge of 1 to 2 feet.”

The National Hurricane Center said Matthew is expected as a Category 1 hurricane.

The storm is also expected to bring heavy rainfall to parts of Florida, with a flash flood warning in effect for parts of Jacksonville and Sarasota counties.

The U.S. National Weather Center has issued flash flood watches in some areas and warnings for other parts of the state, and Florida Gov.

Rick Scott has ordered a mandatory evacuation of all Florida residents.