How a ‘girls’ pool builder was making girls feel good about their bodies

By now, we all know how to make an attractive pool.

You can have a giant glass water fountain, or a row of large metal swimming pools, or you can make a little girls’ pool that’s filled with cute little pink-haired dolls and pink-painted girls swimming in it.

But the thing is, there’s nothing wrong with making a boys’ pool.

As long as it’s not a giant pool, and you’re not trying to make a boy feel bad about himself.

If it’s a small pool with a few other kids, you can have some fun.

I’m not a big guy.

But I do like to play with my toys and when I do, I don’t think it matters if the girls in the pool are big, skinny, or pretty.

What matters is that I can do this for my children.

It’s just fun.

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