‘Gran Turismo 6’ trailer released to PlayStation Store

“It was a fun ride!”

– Game Informer cover, May 17, 2019″It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it.”

– Eurogamer cover, April 28, 2020″There’s so much to love about Gran Turismo.

But I’m still waiting to see if it’s the first game I’ll ever play.”

– Kotaku cover, March 25, 2021″It might not be as polished as the other Gran Turis, but it’s worth every cent.”

– PC Gamer cover, September 16, 2020Gran in Turismo’s name means “worldwide” in Italian.

The series is a global phenomenon, with more than 12 million copies sold worldwide.

It’s also a massive franchise, and the franchise has had a busy year since its debut in 2012.

In addition to racing in the Grand Prix series, Gran Turism also includes racing in online-only multiplayer modes.

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