‘Free swimming pool’: $150 million pool is on the move

The owner of a swimming pool at the South Shore Olympic Village in Miami says the facility is undergoing a $150,000 makeover.

The $2 million pool was originally scheduled to open in the spring.

It was supposed to open later this year, but a $3 million refurbishment project is still in the works, said Brian Lohman, who owns the park.

The new pool will be the first in the city to be completely free of plastic bags and metal mesh, and replace the current pool with a clean-lined pool, he said.

The facility has been open since the 1970s, but the current owners had planned to convert the pool into a playground, which is now the focus of the renovation project, Lohmen said.

The pool, which opened in 1975, is open to the public once a week.

It’s also available to rent for events, he added.

Miami Beach resident Karen Goss says she loves the changes at the park, which has been in her backyard since she moved to the area in 2001.

“They’re doing the things that they should be doing, and they’re doing it right now, which was very important,” she said.

“And we’re going to keep going, and it’s going to be good.”

The original pool was built in 1976 and has served as a community center and a pool for the past 15 years.

A recent renovation included replacing metal mesh on the pool’s bottom, but Lohm said that was done as a result of a recent surge in beach-goers.

Lohme added that the park was in a “period of great need” and that it was time for a makeover of the entire facility.

Lohman said that his wife has always been a big fan of swimming and is now one of the owners of the pool, although she has yet to be able to visit it.

She has a “love-hate” relationship with the pool.

“[I] like to go to it, but it doesn’t feel like home,” she added.

“The feeling of it being the home for me has always sort of gone away.

But now, I’m very excited about the new pool.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming down the pike.”

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