Why do you hate the Coaches of the Year award?

More than half the players on this year’s Coaches Of The Year list have been in the NFL for less than three seasons, and only one of them is still a household name.

It’s one of the most polarizing awards in sports.

Some voters seem to love it, others find it too subjective.

But even as the media’s focus shifts to the NFL this week, it’s the most divisive and difficult-to-grasp award in sports, and a number of coaches still have a tough time accepting it.

The list that the media and fans have been clamoring for for some time is the “NFL coaches of the year,” and it’s a list that includes several former and current coaches who have been around the league for more than three years.

They include: Jim Caldwell, Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan, Doug Marrone, John Fox, Mark Emmert, and now John Schneider.

Caldwell’s tenure as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills is arguably the most iconic of the list.

He guided the team to the playoffs three times during his tenure, and the team went to the Super Bowl for the first time in six years.

But he didn’t win it all in Buffalo, nor did he win the title for the longest period of time as head coach.

He led the Bills to the AFC Championship Game in 2017 and the Superdome in 2019, and he led the team through its most tumultuous stretch in the history of the franchise.

In his first year as the Bills head coach, the team finished 4-12 and missed the playoffs for the third straight year.

After going 0-10 in 2018, the Bills finished with the league’s worst record.

They finished with just a 5-11 record the next season, and they went 7-9 the following season.

The Bills were a mess that year, and it cost them a playoff berth.

But they were able to turn around their fortunes by winning the AFC North, and ultimately they were rewarded with the top seed in the AFC.

Belichick, the current head coach for the New England Patriots, has been in his first full season as the New York Jets head coach since the team was moved to New Jersey.

He’s spent most of his time in New York, and his teams have won the Superbowl and AFC East twice, the former being the first playoff berth in the franchise’s history.

But his record is far from perfect, and things did not work out for him as a head coach with the Jets.

Ryan was a first-time head coach in Buffalo.

He was hired in December of 2015, after a career that began with a 10-year stint as a player and continued with two stints as an offensive lineman.

His tenure was tumultuous.

Buffalo had the worst record in the league that year.

The team went 8-8 the next year, which was Ryan’s final season as head man.

But the Bills made the playoffs in 2018 and 2019.

They made the Supercups in 2018 in Buffalo and 2019 in New Jersey, but both times the teams lost.

Ryan and the Bills had their worst season since 2006.

And he was fired the next offseason.

Ryan went 2-11 as the Jets head man, and in 2020, he was the only head coach to not win a Super Bowl.

The Jets had a 2-14 record in 2021, and went 2/14 the next two years.

Ryan’s teams went 8/18 the following year.

He took the Jets to the 2018 playoffs in Buffalo for the only time in franchise history.

Marrone has led the Baltimore Ravens to the top of the AFC South, but he’s had a tumultuous tenure in Baltimore.

He became a member of the Baltimore franchise in 2006, and since then the Ravens have gone 7-11 in his four seasons as head of the team.

He won two Super Bowls in Baltimore, and then he was hired by the Houston Texans in 2018 to replace Mike Pettine.

Fox, the New Orleans Saints head coach who was fired by the team last season, is a former NFL quarterback.

He played in the playoffs as a quarterback, and that’s where he really started to get his start.

He made the Pro Bowl three times in his time as a professional.

Fox led the Saints to a Superbowl in 2012, and won it in 2017, but the team had a bad off-season.

They went 1-11 the following years.

Fox is in his fifth year as a coach with New Orleans.

He got the Saints out of a long postseason drought and into the postseason for the second straight year in 2018.

Fox made the playoff four times, and was the head man in 2017.

But it was his team’s worst season in the last decade, and with his departure, the Saints lost the Super bowl to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Schneider is a two-time Super Bowl champion and