What to know about the new Overwatch patch

The Overwatch patch has arrived, and it’s bringing with it a new update that’s set to make things a bit easier for the game’s playerbase.

The Overwatch patch introduces a bunch of new changes that we’ve been testing since we got our hands on it, but we’re now bringing you a look at some of the most exciting changes that Overwatch has to offer.

The biggest change that we’re seeing right now is the addition of a new patch, dubbed “Patch 7.7,” that adds two new game modes to the game.

These new game types are called “Sniper,” “Soldier,” and “Demoman,” and each one brings a brand-new gameplay mode to the table.

Here’s a look on the new game mode that’s being added in Patch 7.9:Sniper: This is a new game type for Overwatch that pits players against the enemy team.

This is your standard Overwatch-style matchmaking, with you picking a map and playing against your opponents on it.

In a “Sneak Attack” match, players are able to sneak up on and attack their opponents, taking out multiple enemy soldiers in a short amount of time.

This game type is ideal for the first-person shooter genre, where the objective is to outlast your opponents in a high-risk, high-reward fashion.

The other new game in Overwatch is called “Sold” and pits players up against a single enemy player.

This type of game is much like “Demo” games in that players can only have one weapon equipped on them at a time, but the game has a more limited ammo limit that allows players to aim their weapons with a greater variety of projectiles.

Unlike “DemoSniper” or “Demosniper,” players don’t have to worry about ammo depletion while in this mode.

If your teammates can’t be killed by a single sniper, you’ll still be able to kill them all.

Sniper weapons: As with “DemO,” “Sid” and “Tracer” are the two primary sniper weapons in Overwatch.

These weapons allow players to quickly take down multiple enemies at once, but with a smaller ammo pool.

“Sting” weapons, like “DMR” and the “Barrett” sniper rifle, have a larger ammo pool and are better suited for long-range battles.

“Tracers” weapons are good for quick bursts of fire.

All of these weapons are unlocked by level 50, so it’ll be easy for players to find a weapon they like.

These sniper weapons are the only two available to players that can’t equip an “Assault Rifle” or a “Shotgun” weapon.

These new game mechanics will be available to all players in Patch 9.1, so players can pick them up right away if they’re interested.

We’ve already seen some of these new game play mechanics in action in Overwatch’s beta, and we can’t wait to see how these new mechanics work out in the real world.

As we mentioned in our previous preview, players will also be able choose between two new classes in the game called the “Sledgehammer” and “-Wizard” classes.

Both classes are the same type of class, but they have new abilities that let them use special weapons that are similar to their primary class’ weapons.

These abilities include “Super Strength” that allows them to boost up to five times their normal damage output, “Unstoppable” that reduces their movement speed for a short time, and “Ammo Surge” that lets them increase their ammunition capacity.

Both of these abilities also come with a cooldown of two minutes, so if you have some time on your hands, they might be worth looking into.

The new classes have been added to the roster of heroes and the roster has been split up into a few different classes that can be played by the various classes, which will allow players of different skill levels to enjoy the new gameplay modes.

Overwatch is also adding a new hero for the heroes to compete against, called the Rocket, who will be the first hero to have an alternate gameplay style.

This new hero will be a “Polar Bear” hero, which means that players will be able fight alongside polar bears in the new world of Overwatch.

There’s also an additional polar bear called the Grizzly that will be playable in the arena, along with a new variant of the “Rocket” class called the Sniper.

In addition, a new map, called “Dead Island,” has been added, which we’ll talk about more in a bit.

We’re excited to see what new gameplay features these new maps will bring to Overwatch.

If you’re looking for more information on the Overwatch patch, you can head to the official website or head on over to our Overwatch forum to check out the latest news.

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